Christina Bellon
Christina Bellon's Fundraiser

We can spay and neuter 1,000 feral and community cats!

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

$50 towards $500

Hey my friends! You know that I care greatly about those who cannot help themselves, especially if they are covered in fur and purr! Many of you helped to improve the lives of cats and kittens in our community by adopting my foster kittens -- some of you one at a time, some of you in bulk. This is the other end of that quality of life cycle -- helping to improve the lives of the adult cats left behind.

Best realistic estimates indicate only 25% of kittens survive on the streets. Adult feral cats live only 6-7 years. Most adult cats die due to some consequence of reproduction: males from injuries incurred in fighting or from traveling miles in search of mates; females from consequences of mating, repeated pregnancies, or vulnerabilities of kitten care, raising 2-4 litters each year. Help us end this unnecessary suffering. TNVR (trap neuter/spay vaccinate return) is that help!

I've been trapping for TNVR now for over four years. I couldn't be doing it without the help of committed caring professionals like the staff at Community Spay Neuter Clinic! Nor without the generosity of those who have donated before and are donating now.

Put your pennies where my mouth is! I know we can do it! Join me in supporting real change.

Let’s support the fantastic people at Community Spay Neuter Clinic to raise the funds to spay and neuter 1000 feral and community cats in the Sacramento region and to improve their quality of life!
The street cats of Sacramento, and I, thank you in advance!